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Let's Make Music - rents instruments as they become available to their students for a minimum of fees.  We have violins, cello, drum and bell kits, keyboards, guitars, electric bass, flute, accordion, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, harps, dulcimer, hammered dulcimer and autoharp ready to go. The small rental fee helps to increase our inventory and maintain our instruments. They should each be returned for reconditioning during summer and winter breaks…re-stringing, new keypads, and other adjustments are necessary. Each student is trained on the care and up-keep of their own instrument. We do not charge additional "insurance" fees, but would like to think that if any thing out of the ordinary should happen to your instrument while you are renting it, (I had a violin STEPPED ON once) that you will be responsible for any needed repairs…

Rental fees should be paid in advance, with a 3-month minimum commitment. Your option at the end of 3 months is to renew your rental for an additional 3 months, or to purchase an instrument. Only the first 3 months' rent will apply to your purchase, however, and there must be a 6-month limit on rentals. Our harps are all for sale, and so we do not rent ANY instrument endlessly…We help and encourage our students to buy a suitable instrument as soon as they are able, and as a school, we are usually able to purchase instruments at a 15% discount. I usually prefer a "gently used" one that has been broken in, and has already had its period of adjustment…

$25 a month for small instruments (valued up to $500)
$50 a month for larger instruments (valued up to $1000)

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