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KALEIDOSCOPE HARPSICLE HARPS     Empowering Students. Enriching Communities.

Let's Make MusicSchool programs are underfunded, and one of the first programs to suffer budget cuts is the fine arts. Many students receive one “music class” per month, often delivered by a general education teacher. This is especially common in schools that serve low income families, the ones who cannot afford to supplement their children’s education with private music lessons or expose them to the joy it brings.

KALEIDOSCOPE HARPS brings music back into the schools, empowering children to express themselves through music. They learn the basics of music theory, performance skills, perseverance, responsibility, teamwork, and the power of giving back to the community through sharing that music with others. LET’S MAKE MUSIC makes sure no student is turned away because of the cost. As a self-funded initiative we are raising funds through strategic community partnerships and the generous donations of people just like you who share our belief that music empowers children and enriches their lives.

KALEIDOSCOPE HARPS will impact communities by:

  • Partnering with local schools to offer after or during school harp classes for their students
  • Partnering with harp manufacturers to develop high quality affordable harps
  • Partnering with local harpists to deliver quality instruction using a set curriculum that exposes students to the foundations of music and the diversity of the harp
  • Partnering with local communities to share our music for the enjoyment of all
  • Partnering with businesses, organizations, and individuals to make sure no student is turned away because of cost 

You might be wondering, why the harp?

  • Excellent way to learn music theory
  • Versatile instrument, capable of playing solo and in various groups
  • Portable, so the music can be shared with anyone
  • Excellent for music therapy and playing for the elderly
  • Capable of playing diverse music genres
  • Empowers students
  • Teaches patience, determination, and teamwork as songs transform from disjointed notes to beautiful masterpieces
  • Sounds beautiful from the first day – no squeaking stage!
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